Preliminary programme

7 December, Thursday

14:00 Opening by organisers and greetings by institutions
14:30 Keynote speakers on youth participation and eParticipation
15:30 Break

Discussions and inputs based on questions/topics in 4 groups

  1. DEVELOPMENT: How to enable more eParticipation? Practice, resources, spreading and competencies
  2. SYNERGIES: How to make citizen participation more attractive to youth? What can youth participation learn from citizen participation?
  3. IMPACT: how to embed new communication channels into (old) traditional structures of decision-making?
  4. TOOLS: how to combine online and offline participation methods?
18:00 Presentations and panel discussion on working group recommendations
19:00 PARTNERSHIPS: Dinner buffet, and cultural programme
21:30 End of day 1

8 December, Friday


Keynote and panel discussion: Future of the internet, future of eParticipation

10:30 Break

SHARING: Barcamp sessions 1-4: practice of youth eParticipation


The STEP experience: Insights from young citizens and public authorities on eParticipation


SHARING: Barcamp sessions 5-8: practice of youth eParticipation

12:45 Summary and insights by the young journalists
13:00 Finalisation and evaluation of the Open Summit
13:30 Lunch buffet
14:00 End of the Summit