Open Call: Support for Your Youth eParticipation Project

Submit Project Proposal, use OPIN and Get €10.000 Support

Bonn, 5 September 2016. Do you have an idea for an eParticipation project for young people and need support? Take part in the EUth Open Call and make your eParticipation project come true! In the framework of the research and innovation project EUth, the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) will support 10 project proposals with 10.000 € each to implement youth eParticipation projects using the digital toolbox “OPIN”.


Application is easy: Simply demonstrate that your project builds a bridge between young people and decision-makers with the help of “OPIN”. There are very diverse possibilities and options to initiate eParticipation projects with both online and offline components. For instance: a local council acquires land to create a recreational space for young people. Instead of deciding behind closed doors, the council initiates a participation process to involve young people in the idea collection and decision-making processes. “OPIN”s tools “idea collection” and “mobile polling” would facilitate this. A different example could be a youth organisation with a large network of members, who want to prepare a position paper or a working plan. “OPIN”s feature “collaborative text work” would render it possible that members from different areas can work together on the same platform and vote on each paragraph.


Those eligible to submit a project proposal are all legally established youth (work) or citizen organisations or public administrations of any size and level working in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, Belarus and Kosovo (under UN Resolution 1244/99). Proposals must be submitted via until December 31st. It is possible to request a feasibility check before October 31st to find out whether your project is technically compatible with “OPIN”.


A jury will choose ten projects according to several criteria: the technical feasibility of initiating submitted projects with the “OPIN” toolbox, the integration of “OPIN” in the development of the participation processes, the practicability - relevance and utility - of the projects, their potential to impact on decision-making by creating a link between young participants and decision-makers, as well as the allocation of sufficient resources for marketing activities. The selection procedure will ensure that the 10 projects chosen cover at least five European countries and different levels (local, regional, national, cross-border or European-wide).


The youth eParticipation toolbox “OPIN” combines a multilingual online-platform with a mobile application. It offers a wide range of assistance for initiators of youth eParticipation projects, who aim at setting up successful participation projects. The features of “OPIN” help consulting youth during agenda-setting or open topic research, enable to collectively draft, comment and vote on proposals or position papers. A polling tool facilitates fast voting within a certain geo-location, which suits the mobile-centred Internet usage of digital natives. Additionally, “OPIN” is specialised on integrating online and offline components of participation processes.


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