Have you ever wondered...

...who raises awareness for EUth?


To increase the quality and quantity of e-participation by young people in Europe, it is essential that the EUth -toolkit is known and frequently used. The task of ensuring this falls to the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (IJAB). Their job is to raise public awareness, but also to incite follow-up digital participation projects and establish an open dialogue between all stakeholders. Daniel Poli, head of department, specifies: “We do present our project at as many stakeholder events as possible. Furthermore we use marketing measures, such as social media, a project website or animation movies. At the “EUth open-dialogue summit” all relevant stakeholders have the opportunity to exchange ideas and lessons learnt.” IJAB is an experienced partner in international youth work. Dedicated to working with young people since 50 years, IJAB provides the project team with valuable channels of dissemination and contributes their knowledge on how to reach the EUth-target audience.


More about IJAB: www.ijab.de