OPIN toolbox for eParticipation projects

OPIN can be used for a variety of participatory projects and participatory online occasions. To give you an idea we selected few practical examples, to foster your motivation and action.


In general, OPIN is suitable for projects when they encompass online participation activities like for example:

  • collecting ideas and/or proposals („digital brainstorming“);
  • asking for rating of and commenting on ideas/proposals;
  • asking for comments on existing texts;
  • mobile polling, for example for voting.

From March 2017, OPIN may also provide:

  • participatory budgeting;
  • a map function.

Have a look at the latest version of OPIN features in a test-mode:

Some examples on how to use OPIN

Action plans for a better life quality


With OPIN young people can interact with local policy makers to create local policy proposals and action plans for a better life quality that respond to their needs. These proposals can be discussed with public local administrations for feedback and creating an initiative that can lead to a more responsive and participatory government. Common examples are discussions about Transport, Urban Mobility and increasing mobility demands.


Community Processes


OPIN encourages young people to actively get involved in communities´ processes and share their opinion and ideas. Young people easily can be involved via OPIN and collect ideas or vote on proposals. For example, a town is undergoing a renovation. To ensure that also young people benefit from the action, local administration asks the young community about their wishes for the improvement of the environment. The young can use OPIN and post proposals for new leisure time facilities, mobility services or whatever they have in mind. Others can comment and rate on the ideas.


Agenda setting


Young people can provide their opinions and ideas on topics they are interested in for example when setting the agenda of board or committee meetings. Through commenting on other peers’ proposals and ideas they can support or improve them. Each idea can be rated as well and provides hereby an additional opportunity to express consent. When using the mobile OPIN application, young people can vote on their most wanted topics.


Idea competition


Young people might be asked to upload proposals or ideas for a pressing question or challenge. Through commenting on other peers’ proposals and ideas they can support or improve them. With a separate voting phase the most wanted proposals and ideas can be identified and nominated as winners.