Criteria and Targets



Let young people have a say in decision-making processes, increasing their engagement in local activities or shaping the European agenda- a good eParticipation project makes participation more attractive and thus makes it happen more frequently. This is what we go for.

The question of citizen engagement is old but a new and flexible solution is needed to make it more appealing. OPIN is a tool that can meet this role.


Now it is up to you to find a participative process it can catalyse!


The ideal project proposals under this call involve young people in a decision-making process. On a more specific note, the target group of the proposals shall be young people aged 15-30.

Award criteria


A jury composed of 9 members will evaluate all proposals based on the following criteria:

  • OPIN as a basis: use of the OPIN environment for the implementation of eParticipation processes.
  • Feasibility: technical requirements comply with the OPIN toolbox.
  • Viability of project idea and management plan: proven relevance and practicability of the project.
  • Visibility: allocation of enough resources to marketing and dissemination activities, and to the promotion of OPIN.
  • Impact: proven potential to have impact on decision-making processes by creating a link between young participants and decision-makers.