Alfstore, France


Who is “Alfstore”?

Alfstore is a software company, located in France. Our main fields of expertise are software development and system integration. Among other topics we deal with mobile software, geolocation, the so-called “big data” and with document management.


What is your job within the EUth-project?

We deliver the technical and software know-how, necessary for the development of the EUth platform. One of the tools, on which the EUth-platform is build, is our product: FlashPoll, a smartphone app used for quick mobile polling. Consequently, we are concerned with integrating FlashPoll into EUth-applications, enhancing the app with new features, specifically targeted at facilitating youth participation. Thanks to our knowledge and experience with context aware and geo-localized polling, as well as with mobile participation, we are perfectly up to this job.


Youth participation is important, because...

...young people are the future of Europe.


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