The Danish Board of Technology Foundation (DBT), Denmark


Have you ever wondered...

...who has the expertise to set up EUth-services?


The EUth-service guidelines offer country specific recommendations on how to overcome key barriers, which typically occur when initiating a participation project. Key player in setting up this important part of the EUth-platform is the “Danish Board of Technology Foundation” (DBT). “With the EUth-services, the DBT wants to make it easy and appealing to set up youth-participation projects Europe-wide”, says Katrine Lindegaard Juul, responsible DBT project manager. The Foundation counts interactive methodologies, stakeholder and citizen consultation among its core competencies. Above all, the DBT brings many years of experience in developing and applying methods for citizen participation in policy forming and decision-making processes to the project. With the objective to make it more attractive for young people to engage in such processes, the DBT signed up for EUth. “Once involved, always involved – that’s why youth participation is so important”, sums up Lindegaard Juul.