STEP @Open Summit

STEP is an eParticipation platform that gives youngsters the opportunity to have a say in decisions concerning the environment. The platform was developed in the framework of a Horizon 2020 project, called STEP, which started in June 2015 and will be concluded in December 2017.


The STEP team will host a session within the Open Summit, in order to present the experience gained and results of 30 months’ work. Additionally, STEP team will provide travel grants to 12 young people from the STEP pilot areas, so as to join the STEP session at the Open Summit!


Young people are tomorrow’s decision makers. They are also the ones most affected by environmental decisions. The STEP platform brings together several ideas and technologies with the goal to engage Young European Citizens and Public Authorities in decision making about environmental strategies, policies, plans, programmes, laws, and projects.


STEP Platform uses social media and web mining technologies that enable young people to view personalized and enriched information relevant to the topic of their interest. Information is filtered through multiple social media and web sources, such as Facebook, twitter, and so on, and presented in a single unified environment. This tool eliminates the need to search for content on multiple platforms, or navigate through the overflow of information available.


Since February 2017 the STEP Platform is being pilot tested in real contexts by 6 Public Agencies in 4 European Countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey. Pilots are implemented with the direct participation of one regional authority, four municipalities, and one association of municipalities. STEP pilots invite young citizens to share their opinion, discuss, comment and like proposals and decisions that are about to be taken on significant environmental issues.


Meet the STEP pilots:

  • Italy: The Association of the Communities of Locride area
  • Spain – Mollet del Vallès
  • Spain – Valdemoro city
  • Greece: Region of Crete
  • Turkey: Hatay Metropolitan Municipality
  • New pilot entry in Greece: Municipality of Thessaloniki

In the meantime, in order to fully exploit the STEP solution, the STEP team decided to use the platform at Pan-European level and address all European young citizens. In this framework dialogues on environmental topics, such as the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals and the climate change have been uploaded on the platform.

STEP is available on the web at, on Google Play and on App Store

More information about the STEP project:

The project “STEP - Societal and political engagement of young people in environmental issues” has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649493.