Feasibility check

The OPIN software includes many features for eParticipation – but it is not almighty. For your project you can only use the technical features available. Technical modification of the software cannot be provided. We help you to make sure that the technical requirements of your project match those of the OPIN platform and do not exceed the software possibilities.


Just fill in the form below by 12:00 CET on 31 October 2016. Within two weeks we will provide a technical feasibility check of your project’s technical requirements and give feedback whether modifications of your activities are needed to implement your ideas on OPIN. The technical feasibility check is an optional support process for applicants to the EUth Open call and not available outside of the framework of the activity.


If you include the recommended improvements into your final project description, you can be sure that your project meets an important criterion of the EUth Open Call – the technical feasibility.


Deadline is over

Deadline for submitting your idea for the Feasibility check is over. Do not worry - it was only an optional support measure. You can still check our support resources for better compatibility of your project idea with the OPIN and apply for the final deadline on 31st Dec 2016.

How works OPIN?

Find out more on OPIN toolbox in the use-cases description here.