EUth - Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe

Go get’em - EUthgets young Europeans involved in political processes

Have you ever tried to catch a fish with a fork? Well…that won’t work. The same goes for paper brochures and old-style letters to motivate young Europeans to participate in political life. However, it is essential for a future Europe to get the next generation involved. EUth – an EU-funded international network project – tackles this task and finds ways to get Europe’s youth onto the political stage. The EUth “secret weapon”: web-based and mobile apps ready to be used anywhere and anytime.

EUth – what’s it about?


EUth is an innovative three-year research project funded by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to get more young people involved in political decision-making and increase youth trust in European political institutions. How is that achieved? Eleven project partners from eight different countries will develop an open and easy-to-use online participation platform along with different mobile tools and apps for smartphones and tablets. This way, young people can get involved whenever and wherever they wish with minimum effort. The platform will be able to be utilised by youth organisations and administrations of any size and level all over Europe.


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