Liquid Democracy e.V., Germany


“Hello there...

...we are “Liquid Democracy e.V.”, a non-profit organisation specializing in ideas and projects that make our modern democracy more accessible. Within the vast field of e-participation we concentrate on three main areas: 1) the development of the open source software Adhocracy, 2) the maintenance of web-based participation platforms and 3) theory building. Knowing this about Liquid, you will have no difficulty in guessing, how we contribute to the EUth-project: we are experts in participation software development. Namely, we integrate and enhance Adhocracy on the EUth-platform and we take care of developing the EUth-applications toolset. Why are we doing that? We believe that the project provides a chance for walking new ways in the field of youth participation. And only by being involved young people can understand, how valuable, effective and fun it is to engage and shape their environment and the European Community.


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